New Year, New Me?

New Year, New Me?


Spend more time with your family this year and less time at the gym.

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times. Everyone says it, but only 8% of people fulfill their New Years resolution. Attached is an article from Forbes that has information on how to achieve your resolution this year and, let’s be honest, we could all spare a few pounds. Even if you aren’t exactly struggling with your weight, NY Times found that the average person gains up to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. In response to this gain, most people aim to lose the weight after the holiday season. But, how can you actually lose the weight before you even put it on?

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This diet has helped me lose over 40 pounds! There are many benefits to this despite how simple it may sound. If you were to lose 10 pounds before the end of the holidays, you would be less likely to eat the candy and baked goods that surround you because of your success and the good feeling that comes along with it. When you’re making progress you’re less likely to backstep. In the event you were to eat some of the junk, you would only be back where you started. Best of all? You’ve found a way to lose weight efficiently.

I’ve lost 46 pounds so far, about 13 and a half weeks in, and many other people have had success like I have! There is no better time to lose weight than right now. Next year you will wish you had started today. You can get the diet here.


Happy Holidays!


– J

Healthy At-Home Family Recipes!

Healthy At-Home Family Recipes!

Cook? I’ll just order in.

I am no chef. I can’t cook for sh*t. Dieting was hard for me at first simply because I can’t cook. I know a lot of people struggle with it as well. You probably spend time researching recipes and how to cook things, but you’re doing the bare minimum at best because that is all that is available to you. Stop wasting time on these useless guides and try this one. It is, by far, better than any other cook book with easy to follow recipes, easy to cook, and deliciousNot to mention it will help you burn fat too!

Instead of using guides written by internet users, take a guide by actual fat-loss chefs. It has definitely helped me shed a few extra pounds in addition to this diet. My daughter is the pickiest eater I have ever met but she loves everything I’ve made from this book! This way, not only can you prepare the meal yourself, but you know it will turn out good every time. Losing weight is just a bonus. For more information you can go here.


Week 13

Week 13

EDIT: One of our members, Ashelle, has sent us her progress from the last 4 weeks and it is astonishing! She has lost 25 pounds in four weeks. If you want to skip the reading and get the diet she has you can go here and scroll down.


The Facebook, Twitter and IG contest secret word is “Magic“.

It’s been another week and I’ve lost another 4 pounds!! I’m ecstatic with my results. Most of my jeans are too baggy to wear anymore. Looks like I have an excuse to go clothes shopping! I can’t wait. I’ve had more energy and natural happiness. I’m in love with this diet.

Edit: Some people have had concern over the legitimacy of the diet site. I understand your skepticism, as I was in your position at one point as well. I had my concerns and doubts but bought it anyway and haven’t regretted a thing. I am so happy with the results, I’ve started this website to share my progress with the world. Any questions can be left in the comments or sent to me in an email. You have my guarantee that this is the best diet you will find. 🙂

I’ve been on it for 13 weeks now and the results are astonishing. I recommend this to anyone who is trying to lose weight, even if it’s just 20 pounds. I don’t have a lot of time or spare cash and this guide tailors to your specific needs. Absolutely incredible. Try it here! Just scroll to the bottom of this page! Feel free to comment your results below as I’m sure others would love to see that it really works!

Upcoming Holiday Season and Weight Gain

Upcoming Holiday Season and Weight Gain

With the holidays coming up, most of us are scrambling around last minute to find presents for one another, in exams or getting a break for your daily grind. Whatever you may be doing, there is going to be one thing we all face: the temptation of sugars and fats. During the Christmas/holiday season we are surrounded by sweets, meats and feasts. While controlling temptation may be easy at first, most of us eventually give in and regret it come January.

Facebook, Twitter and IG contest secret word is “MAGIC”.

Instead of trying to teach you how to control that temptation, why not lose a few pounds before the temptation comes so that you have less to worry about? I know I won’t be worried about an extra piece of pie or two.

If you don’t want to read a lot, the diet is here. I have lost over 44 pounds in 13 weeks with this method and am being contacted every day with success stories. People are seeing results in as little as 3 days! If you want more information you can go here.

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Happy Holidays,


Welcome to Find Vitality

Welcome to Find Vitality

To start, I am a straight to the point person; no beating around the bush, no BS.

If you’d like to skip this you can just jump to the menu up top and start there.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of health sites that promote a product with little to no evidence. They make bogus claims and 90% of the time the products don’t work or only work for a small portion of their clients. I hate these sites. I am trying to provide a quicker, easier solution to having a clearer mind, cleaner body, losing that 10 pounds you have been trying to shed or just simply trying to improve your overall quality of life.


I am a father and a university student. I have a very busy lifestyle and not much of a life outside of parenting and homework but I have taken some time to share this because I feel like others can benefit from it. Money is a bit tight for me and everything I talk about is available on the tightest of budgets. I understand most people reading this are busy like me and, like mentioned earlier, want to cut the crap and hear the facts.

I struggled for years with depression and anxiety. I spent a lot of time trying to find a solution, as prescription drugs were helping but with an abundance of side effects, and stumbled onto something amazing. Your diet is everything. At first, it sounds obvious, but if you break down what you eat on a daily or weekly basis you will start to find patterns. Studies have shown that fast food is linked to depression and many others suggest your diet heavily impacts your mental health. I started changing my diet and my entire life started changing: I had more natural energy, I’ve had no need for coffee, I can think more clearly and produce and share thoughts more efficiently, I started losing weight and I have been incredibly happy.

On this site you are going to find straight to the point articles reviewing certain products that I use and strongly recommend.

Good luck,