There are a few major things when it comes to weight-loss and I can only help you get so far; the rest is on you. I don’t have the spare time to hit the gym so this is what I had to do. Cutting back on sugars, artificial sweeteners and fast foods not only improve your mood but also help you lose weight (duh!) but you don’t have to cut them out entirely. I still manage to eat something not necessarily healthy every day all while maintaining my ideal weight. Research has shown that a high protein, low carb diet can help you lose weight and potentially have more positive effects. What did I do?


  • Stopped eating sweets and junk on a daily basis and started planning it to keep it at a minimum.
  • This  diet  is key to weight-loss.
  • Replaced breakfast with a high protein low carb shake.
  • Occasionally replaced lunch with a shake.

I get my smoothie recipes here , it is an awesome resource and they taste great! Keep in mind if you’re in a rush you can just scroll to the bottom of the linked page to get your product!

It’s that simple. Now, obviously you can’t sit on your ass and expect results. This assumes you get a little physical activity in the day, at the least. I have lost over 40 pounds using this method and have not gone to a gym once. It has proven itself to be incredibly effective for not only myself but many others.

Lastly, if you’re looking to burn fat as a family than this is something you’ll want to look at. My daughter and I love this cookbook!